The functions of compound ice cream stabilizer

                      Why  do we need compound stabilizer in ice cream ?

When I chat with my friends , I was often be asked why you add stabilizer in ice cream ?

Today I am going to talk about some important functions of compound stabilizers:

Compound stabilizer --a kind of the Ice cream additive ----is the essential ingredient due to it plays a major role in ice cream and serve several important functions in food  :

1)Provides stable emulsification : 

As we know that oil is insoluble in  water ,some kinds of  powder also can't be totally soluble in water ,if there is no additive ,flavors and oils will separate, one of the important function of the compound stabilizer is to allow flavors and oils to be dispersed throughout a food product.

ice cream additive

2) Improves flavor release,,also named flavor enhancer: magnify or modify the flavor of the ice cream ,and do not contribute any flavor of their own .

ice cream stabilizer

3) Prevents and delays the growth of ice crystals during storage

ice cream flavor

4) Stops the shrinkage of a finished product

ice cream additive

5) Imparts excellent air distribution and stable overrun.

ice cream stabilizer

6)Gives the product a smooth and delicate taste

ice cream flavor

In addition, our stabilizer has the unique function that is makes ice cream easier to scoop .

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